During the XI ICEBI, in Oslo (2001), it was decided to create an Executive Committee from the ICPRBI with the task to look forward the establishment of a bioimpedance society.

The establishment of the Society was decided and the current version of the Statutes were approved during the ICPRBI meeting in Gdansk, Poland (2004). It was also decided not to charge any fees initially.

The first (constitutional) General Assembly of ISEBI will took place during the XIII ICEBI in Graz, Austria, in August 2007.

The second General Assembly took place during the XIV ICEBI in Gainesville, FL in April 2010. A new Executive Committee was elected: President: Orjan G. Martinsen, Vice-president: Andrea Robitzki, Secretary-Treasurer: Uwe Pliquett.

The third GA was held in Heilbad-Heiligenstadt in 2013 during the XV ICEBI, where the whole executive committee was re-elected for another period.

The fourth GA was held in Stockholm in 2016 during the XVI ICEBI and Stig Ollmar was elected ISEBI president, Eung Je Woo was elected vice-president, and the elected secretary was Pedro Bertemes Filho.